It’s been a while (School, Manjaro Deepin etc.)

It has been too long since my last post. It’s not because I’ve been busy (I have not) but more of not exactly having too much to write about.

A few weeks ago a new period started at school and we switched from Windows servers to Linux, more precisely CentOS. I’ve used Linux-distributions for quite some time now, first time in 2009-2010 I think with Xubuntu but more actively with Ubuntu 12.04 distro family, especially Mint 13. As for late I’ve been mostly using Manjaro Linux since that has been worked so well with my laptop (Lenovo G50-80) and went on to try the Chinese Deepin desktop environment which has actually become my favourite DE to use on the go. Wouldn’t use on desktop since I do want some more┬ácustomizability. It has worked without hiccups so far, though there is little annoyance with the window manager when you launch first an application it will distort the desktop for a quarter of a second. Bit nitpicking but would be nice to have fixed.

But to actually go to the point of why I wrote about my experiences with Linux, the classes on Linux/CentOS have been quite nice so far. Learned quite a bit from Logical Volume Managements (LVM), how the Access Control List (ACL) works and little bit of how the system logging can be configured. We are also starting finally a project using what we have learned so far by using a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino micro controller to collect and send sensor data to a database and present in some form to users and maybe do something else with the data as well if we have the time. The connection between the devices shouldn’t be too much of a problem since we have some experience with the devices. In the spring the group I was working with used Raspberry Pi and a PyBoard to collect various sensor data and send it to web before removing the Pi and just using the PyBoard itself to do the work (minus the web part which we left out in the final product). So that experience I believe should come in handy with this IoT-project.

But in the other, bit lighter news the snow has finally come! It is a bit twin bladed sword since I do enjoy cycling to school and to other errands but on the other hand I love walking and running during winter time. The cool weather for me is just so much more comfortable since the sweating is much less of a problem and the body stays cool during the run. For the time being I try to at least go and run twice a week, preferably three times (twice during the week and once on weekend). Those times are also great for listening on podcasts since the ones I usually listen to last from an hour to around three hours and my trips to the outside world last around an hour so shorter shows are almost done when I finish up and the longer ones can be split to multiple days. And also as a side note, I really should invest in either some sort of slipper prevention or just get a new pair of shoes with them built-in.

But that is all for now, I shall write again hopefully by Christmas time, maybe earlier if I have enough things to write about. Adi├│s and enjoy the winter!