Not so Archy anymore

Okay I admit. No Arch on my desktop at this moment. However not all is lost!

Since the return to world of Window$, I have started playing around with virtualization more. So far I have jumped into Xen and KVM hosts running inside VMWare (nested virtualization it is called?) and been having fun with them. Xen virtualization for now has been mostly because of a presentation we need to do at school, but inspired by it I also put installed another Debian host with KVM modules, QEMU and virt-manager. I’m still really just a beginner with all of this, but I am fairly excited with all the possibilities, some which I do plan to incorporate into my proper server machine some time during this spring or summer when I get time. The plan is to install either Debian or CentOS as host and have at least couple of VMs running there, possible one them as a game server, other not so sure yet. Possibly some lightweight web server for test purposes.

Since I’m getting somewhat hang of setting the VMs up and running, I think the next important step would be learning those snapshot features available and start using LVMs a bit more again. But I’ll update more on this stuff later on.

I guess that is about it for now, not too much to update at the moment. Spring has arrived and I’ve been cycling again, likely need to switch the rear┬árear derailleur since it appears to have bend at some point and now throwing the chains off the gears every now and then, besides all the adjustment I’ve tried to do.

Goodbye for now, enjoy the spring and coming summer!