Blog started and about the plans for it

Hello dear reader

A few days ago I came up with a thought of starting my own blog again. I kept a blog for some three to four years ago and it was fun while it lasted, but eventually it just fell apart thanks to my inactivity of writing posts and other activities. However I think now is a fairly good time to get this thing started again since I think it’s good to write longer texts once in a while.

My hope is to write at least something every week, just to keep this “hobby” alive so it doesn’t dry out too soon. I have an idea or two for proper posts already, but they require a bit more research but hopefully I can get that out by some time next week.

What I can already write about however is this site. I planned on hosting this blog and my work in progress home page on my Raspberry Pi, but with having a page publicly availableĀ brings its own risks and I’d like to keep my home connection working. Also this way I can keep testing stuff with my Pi without worrying about the site going down. I will probably start building my small home NAS out of the Pi at some point since I got my external drive last week finally (500GB USB3 drive for -40% of the original price) for that project. I might post about how the NAS project went when it’s done.

But I think that is all for now, take care and let’s write some more later!